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Open Night 2024

Straffan Camogie held their first open night in Barberstown Castle on February 1st at 8pm. The night was a huge success with a significant turn out. M.C. on the night, Brian Maguire gave a comprehensive presentation of the structure of the club, it's achievements, goals and recent developments. He also interviewed a number of our members including players, coaches and committee members.

On the night there were four stands, 'Players', 'Volunteers', 'Coaches' and 'Committee' which were well organised by our current club members. These stations provided an insight into the requirement for and the work involved in all of these areas in the club.

The night was attended by over sixty people, members and non-members alike. The night was a mix of chat, laughter and light refreshments with attendees leaving with a greater insight into what Straffan Camogie Club is all about.

We would like to thank Barberstown Castle for their facilities, everyone who gave up their time to attend the night and in particular our development officer, Charlie Keegan for guiding and steering the committee who made the night such a success. 🧡🖤

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